FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

What is the timeline/date by which I need to register?

Online registrations are open until Thursday, September, the 1st, 12:00 o’clock.

Can I register on site?

On-site registrations are possible only in case we announce available race numbers remaining, on social media channels, after closing the online registrations.

Can I cancel my registration?

The registration may only be cancelled in case you have a health issue that you can prove by a medical document. To this effect, you need to attach this document (medical certificate/report) to an email in which you request the cancellation at info@racehub.ro, specifying the name, route and details of the bank account in which you want the registration fee’s counter value to be refunded.

Can I transfer the registration to another person?

You may transfer the registration at any moment until the 28th of August, 12:00 o’clock.

The transfer procedure:

  • The person to which you want the transfer to be made must register on the website (without making the payment in case you have already paid the registration fee)

If you carried out the registration by means of a RaceHub account, please log into your RaceHub account https://racehub.ro/auth/login and transfer the payment following the video.

  • If you carried out the registration without an account, please send an email to info@racehub.ro stating the fact that you opt for a transfer and adding the name of the person to which you want the transfer to be made

Can I transfer from a route to another one?

You can transfer from a route to another by August, the 28th, 12:00 o’clock, with an email to info@racehub.ro

Can someone else pick up my race kit?

You may have someone else pick up your race kit as long as this other person has a copy of your ID or your FRC (cycling federation) license.

I made the payment. Why am I not validated on the website?

The table of registered competitors is being updated within a period of 1 to 24 hours. In case more than a working day has passed and you are still not included on the competitors’ list, please send us an email at info@racehub.ro.

If the registration was carried out on a Friday, on a weekend or before a public holiday, please wait until the following working day to check the list.

Is there a set of rules or a mandatory equipment?

Yes, there is a set of rules that must be complied with by all participants, a mandatory equipment and a recommended equipment; they are applicable according to the route. For further details, please consult the competition rules.

Feedback, any questions?

General inquiries at contact@alpinechallenge.ro or related to registrations: info@racehub.ro

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