We like all experiences on bike because they give us magical feelings.

Mountain Bike means adrenaline, challenge, healthy living, joy and the satisfaction of a good ride, it means asking from yourself a little bit more each day and doing better than you did yesterday. And, not least, it means community – it’s wonderful to find people who share the same passion, who understand your frenzy and with whom you can share your experiences.

It’s exactly what happens in MagiCAMP too. Magical people offering an experience similar to mountain biking to children with oncological conditions, with severe burns or having lost a loved one. Every summer, in MagiCAMPs, children who have lost a large part of their childhood in hospitals enjoy a lot of play, adrenaline, challenges, overcoming their own limits, happiness and sharing their own experiences with others alike.

We join our hands (and wheels) to help the MagiCAMP Association by donating a part of the BikeXpert Alpine Challenge registration fees. Because we trust the way in which they bring magic in the children’s lives and because we share the same magical land and the same community – they are our neighbours 🙂 .

On September, the 4th, we are waiting for you to be a MagicBiker in the BikeXpert Alpine Challenge in Pucioasa!

You’ll find further details here:



You can support the MagiCAMP cause outside our competition, too, by volunteering, donations, personal events (such as donating your birthday) or spreading the word of kindness. For further details on how you could help more, write at corina.banu@magicamp.ro